Buffalo Meat - healthy & nutritious - now on Vancouver Island!


Island Bison

Campbell River Pier Street Market
Market vendors will be given even more opportunities to show their wares on Pier Street this year.

Comox Valley Farmers Market
Welcome to the fresh taste of the Comox Valley - over 80 farmers, fishers, and bakers bring their locally-produced products to market.

Canadian Bison
Your one-stop resource for bison meat. In this website you will find all the nutritional benefits, how to cook, recipes and where to buy bison meat. So come on inside, look around and discover everything you need to know about this delectable red meat.

National Bison Association
A community bound by the heritage of the American bison/buffalo and the quality of its products.

Organic Buffalo Meat, Elk Meat, Steaks, Burger, Jerky: The only Jackson Hole source for tasty buffalo meat and elk meat: burger, jerky, steaks, hot dogs, salami & roasts.

BisonBasics presents bison recipes: Since 1997, Bisonbasics has been developing and testing BISON RECIPES with home preparation in mind.

The Paleolithic Diet Page: What the hunter/gatherers ate.

The #1 site for grass fed food & facts: Links consumers with local suppliers of all-natural, delicious, grass-fed products.