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About Bison - the Nature of the Beast

Naturally Hearty & Healthy
Bison are naturally hearty and suited to harsh winters on the plains. They have 7 times more hair follicles than beef animals. Water cannot penetrate the bison's thick, woolly winter coats. In winter the bison's metabolism slows down, allowing them to stay warmer.

The American bison is at home in a wide variety of climates across the continent and now, throughout the world. The biological makeup of the animal equips it to thrive in winter storms and summer heat.

Buffalo are the only mammals not to contract cancer. They also do not contract CWD (chronic wasting disease) which is evident among some elk, moose and deer. BSE is not a consideration with buffalo as they are not fed animal by-products.

Fast, Agile & Long-lived
Bison can jump six feet in height and run 40 miles per hour. Despite their size, their agility is astounding.

Bison are long lived animals, often reaching 45 years of age. Females can produce calves for about 25 years.

In the wild, cows generally calve every other year, however on ranches, a healthy cow can deliver a calf every year. Gestation is about 280 days and usually produces one 40 - 50 lb.calf. Now that's a big baby!



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