Buffalo Meat - healthy & nutritious - now on Vancouver Island!

Bison Farming Family

We are a small family farm located in Black Creek, found in the shadow of Mount Washington, approximately a 20 minute drive north of Courtenay. Our goal is to raise the healthiest red meat for our family, friends, and customers.

Grandma and Grandpa Watson, Mom and Dad Vance, and the 4 children all pitch in to run the farm. Raising bison and water buffalo is a great privilege considering the history of these magnificent animals.

We believe that raising our animals as 100% grass fed, without the use of antibiotics or added growth hormones is not only what is ethical, but also
what is best for all of us as consumers.

Both our bison and water buffalo enjoy free ranging on our pastures which include numerous natural spring water sources, stands of forest and brush, as well as mud wallows and dust pits that are enjoyed throughout the summer months. We focus on maintaining a low stress environment and believe that raising happy animals equals healthy, high quality meat.